Estate and Wealth Planning,
Real Estate Property Tax Appeals & Business Legal Services

Leff & Cohen attorneys front row, left to right: Sherwin H. Leff and Aaron Cohen;
back row, left to right: Robert C. Ansani, Ronald G. Glosniak and Michael G. Glosniak

Estate and wealth planning

Leff & Cohen, Ltd. provides expertise for wealth planning through services that encompass: tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge for wealth planning while building, preserving, and leveraging tax optimization strategies for transferring to the next generation.

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Real Estate Property tax appeals

Leff & Cohen, Ltd. has represented numerous commercial and individual property owners. Our skilled team has secured significant reductions in property assessments and taxes for clients, and in many cases, tax refunds through the real estate property tax appeal process.

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Leff & Cohen, Ltd. provides a wide range of commercial, federal income, estate and real estate tax services for start-up entrepreneurs and established business owners at local, regional, national and global levels. Our diverse client base includes: general business corporations, close corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and individuals all involved in multifaceted business activities.

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Leading Lawyers

At Leff & Cohen, Ltd., all lawyers have been recognized as Leading Lawyers over the past years. Founded by Law Bulletin Media, Leading Lawyers is the most trusted and respected resource for locating reputable, experienced lawyers. Leading Lawyers are selected by other lawyers capable of judging the quality, experience and reputation of their peers.


business relationship professionals

Leff & Cohen, Ltd. has developed numerous professional relationships with attorneys, certified public accountants, real estate appraisers, bankers, and insurance, real estate and mortgage brokers. Our team is your team.
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